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How Nulogy Software has helped Marsden Packaging

A little while back Marsden Packaging sourced and implemented software from industry leading software supplier Nulogy to replace our manual paper systems which were limiting operational efficiency. The end result has been that we’ve been 50% more efficient at quality checks and we’re able to offer industry leading levels of quality and service.

In a business like ours, quality checking is paramount, and we need to run essential quality checks every 30 minutes, not to mention the track and trace processes run for food audits. Nulogy software enabled us to move from great (but time-consuming) quality checks to a situation where it is impossible for us to bring the wrong product to the wrong production line.

This has made Marsden Packaging more agile and resilient and has helped us increase customer satisfaction. If you’d like to read a little more about how we’ve implemented Nulogy, and the great effects it’s had on our business, you can view the Nulogy case study here >

Whilst you’re there, please watch the video of Marsden Packaging’s Managing Director Michael Briggs explain the benefits that Nulogy software has brought to the business.

Soil Association Organic Standard Logo

Organic Soil Association

Marsden Packaging are proud to announce that we have successfully met the Soil Association’s standards for packing organic products. We are now able to work with organic food and drink suppliers and producers, who must use an accredited packaging service as a condition of their own Soil Association status.

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Sustainability, Renewable energy & Reducing our carbon footprint

Making the packaging industry a more sustainable affair

Marsden Packaging are firmly committed to reducing our environmental impact as a business. In the age of carbon footprints and renewable energy sources, we felt it time for us to take control of our sustainability and the effect that our business has on the environment. We are making concerted efforts in 2019, rolling out various initiatives to reduce the amount of power we consume as well as our carbon footprint.

Small steps to making a big difference

We began our green agenda by looking into the source of our energy. We have little to no choice in our consumption of electricity generally, but we do have a choice in deciding where that energy comes from. So after reaching out to our energy supplier, we arranged to draw all of our electricity from renewable sources, for which we have a certificate.

Replacing our factory equipment

The next step was to look to the equipment in use in our factory. What could we replace with more efficient equivalents? We began with our heating system, removing two dated gas-fired heaters and replaced them with modern equivalents. This reduced our gas consumption by 25% whilst reducing our CO2 output by the same amount.

Following on from updating our heating, we looked to our compressed air system. Compressed air plays a vital role in many of the different types of packaging that we carry out on a daily basis, whilst our original system worked it also required permanent power whether actually in use or not. Our new compressor works on demand and as a result, our daily power consumption dropped by a mammoth 60%!

Our latest initiative has been converting our lighting system to be far more efficient, the entire warehouse is now running on LED lighting, whilst areas not in regular use have motion-activated sensors installed to prevent unnecessary usage. Throughout the remainder of 2019 we intend to update the factory lighting as well as the warehouse LED lighting as well.

Looking to the future

Here at Marsden Packaging, we take our commitments to sustainability seriously and intend to keep our business running as green as possible for years to come. If you have any questions regarding our green agenda, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.

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Marsden Packaging – Packing their way to success in 2019

2019 has been a busy year so far for the team here at Marsden Packaging, with a record number of packaging products being successfully completed at Valentine’s Day and at Easter, but our work truly began before the end of 2018, for the busy Christmas period.

Production for the festive season began back in June of 2018, where our fantastic employees utilised our state-of-the-art machinery to start the production of 3 million Christmas products. Despite this mammoth task, we’re very happy to report that all of our customers requirements for Christmas 2018 were completed In Full and On Time.

As we moved in to 2019, we prepared for two more busy periods on the packaging calendar, Valentine’s Day and Easter. This year saw us complete 600,000 products for Valentine’s and 3.5 million Easter Eggs, both are milestones for the company and achievements which we’re extremely proud of!

Across Christmas, Valentine’s and Easter, our packaging projects have made their way into the shops and stores of some of the biggest names in retail: Debenhams, Primark, Next, Lidl, Harrods, Typhoo & Taylors of Harrogate – to name a handful.

Yes, we’ve certainly had a fantastically busy year so far and we’re very grateful for all of the business our wonderful clients have brought us. Here’s to the rest of the year!



Marsden Packaging Ltd hold a Certificate of GMP Compliance issued under the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency that allows us to secondary pack Medicated Confectionery under contract to a specific customer.


BRC AA Certified Success for Marsden Packaging

Following their 2019 BRC annual audit it is with a great deal of pride that Marsden Packaging are delighted to report that they have once again been awarded AA grade. This is another great achievement from the Marsden Quality Team which is headed up by their Operations Manager Jackie Chapman. This top marks result reinforces the proficiency of the team which embraces the use of cutting edge software and IT to ensure that Quality Control and service levels remain at the highest level.

The receipt of this award follows a successful 2018 for the company during which significant investment was made in a number of new pieces of machinery enabling the company to better serve its growing list of customers. 2019 is looking as though it will be an exciting year for the team with various new projects and opportunities just around the corner.

BRC Audit 2018

Marsden Packaging: Another AA BRC Grade for 2018

Double A’s For Marsden Packaging Once Again

February marks the return of the much anticipated British Retail Consortiums (BRC) annual audit, and as we move into Spring, the results are released to those involved. Marsden Packaging have been privileged enough to have been awarded full marks since 2010, and we are elated to report that 2018 is no different. Achieving the coveted AA grade for yet another year serves as welcome recognition for the hard work that everyone at Marsden Packaging puts in to make our company an industry leader.

The BRC certification and grading system is a globally recognised award, which is now used in over 120 countries worldwide across 22,000 suppliers to the food industry – to consistently receive the highest grade possible really does illustrate Marsden Packaging’s committed approach to providing the best in packaging quality assurance.

In addition to achieving the double A award, we have just completed one of Marsden Packaging’s busiest Valentine’s/Easter periods ever – producing in excess of 500,000 Valentine’s Day products and 3.7 million Easter Eggs. All delivered to their respective customers on schedule and in full. To be awarded AA this month, whilst working through such a busy time is something we are immensely proud of and equally delighted about.