Green Policies for Sustainable Packing

Green Policies for Sustainable Packing


Marsden Packaging are firmly committed to reducing our environmental impact as a business. In the age of carbon footprints and renewable energy sources, we felt it time for us to take control of our sustainability and the effect that our business has on the environment. We have rolled out various initiatives to reduce the amount of power we consume as well as our carbon footprint.

Small steps to making a big difference

We began our green agenda by looking into the source of our energy. We have little to no choice in our consumption of electricity generally, but we do have a choice in deciding where that energy comes from. So after reaching out to our energy supplier, we arranged to draw all of our electricity from renewable sources, for which we have a certificate.

Replacing our factory equipment

The next step was to look to the equipment in use in our factory. What could we replace with more efficient equivalents? We began with our heating system, removing two dated gas-fired heaters and replaced them with modern equivalents. This reduced our gas consumption by 25% whilst reducing our CO2 output by the same amount.

Following on from updating our heating, we looked to our compressed air system. Compressed air plays a vital role in many of the different types of packaging that we carry out on a daily basis, whilst our original system worked it also required permanent power whether actually in use or not. Our new compressor works on demand and as a result, our daily power consumption dropped by a mammoth 60%!

Our latest initiative has been converting our lighting system to be far more efficient, the entire warehouse is now running on LED lighting, whilst areas not in regular use have motion-activated sensors installed to prevent unnecessary usage. We have also updated the factory lighting as well as the warehouse LED lighting.

Looking to the future

Here at Marsden Packaging, we take our commitments to sustainability seriously and intend to keep our business running as green as possible for years to come. If you have any questions regarding our green agenda, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team.


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