Co Packing
Co-packing with Marsden Packaging to expand your packing capacity

We take great pride in our professional approach to contract packaging and we’ve designed our range of services to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Marsden Packaging is based in Blackburn, Lancashire and our state-of-the-art co-packing facility enables us to offer both chilled and ambient production, making us one of the few contact packing companies in the UK to offer such a diverse range of services. We understand that safety is paramount – especially where food products are concerned – and we have three separate cold storage areas to allow for product segregation if required. For additional reassurance, our control and monitoring systems have been linked to an external surveillance provider to ensure round-the-clock product safety.

We work with some of the biggest names in the UK food industry, including Nestle, Cadbury, Heinz and Kellogs and our experienced team are highly skilled in all aspects of product packaging. Our range of services includes different options to suit your requirements and we have the expertise to pack a vast range of products, from food items and toiletries, through to promotional literature, magazines and household items.
Our full range of co-packing services covers flow wrapping, shrink wrapping, bagging, clip strips, labelling, downsizing and re-packing. We are also able to undertake product modifications by hand and our previous contracts have included promotional and seasonal work.

We have invested in the very latest weighing and bagging equipment and our high-tech co-packing plant has been equipped to ensure accuracy, reliability and efficiency across all of our services. Our versatile, highly controllable computer aided weighing machines offer total accuracy and can be used to weigh a wide range of products to the highest degrees of accuracy and consistency.

Packaging your products in a way that is both attractive and durable is simple, thanks to our bagging, flow wrapping, shrink wrapping and over packing services. Hand packing is particularly suited to breakable or fragile items and is perfect for packaging unusually shaped products or gift sets. Our hand packing service offers exceptional value for money and here at Marsden Packaging we’re happy to discuss your individual requirements.

For a more traditional look plastic jars or bottles are pretty hard to beat and are a popular way to package a wide range of products such as sweets and confectionary. We also have a range of state-of-the-art cartonning machinery, designed to assemble, glue and then fill cartons of all shapes and sizes. The ideal solution for packing food, household items or toiletries, our cartonning machines are operated by a skilled team with experience of handling a wide variety of carton products.

At Marsden Packaging we’re proud of our reputation for offering high quality, reliable co-packing services to businesses throughout the UK. If you would like further information on any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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  • Cartonning


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  • Flow Wrapping


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  • Hand Packing


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  • Clip Strips


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  • Overwrapping


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