Marsden Packaging Wins International Award in Chicago

Marsden Packaging are delighted to announce that we’ve been awarded the highly coveted Packstar Quality Excellence Award by software suppliers Nulogy. The international award recognises the company who has best leveraged Nulogy solutions to deliver a high quality of service, earning the position of most trusted supplier to their customers.

We saw off global competition for the title, which considers the use of Nulogy resources relating to the quality and safety of packed goods and the attention to detail in the level of service which clients receive.

Nulogy noted the reputation we’ve built for delivering a very high quality of service to our customers and our continued efforts to leverage our innovative use of technology to help drive an even higher standard. In particular that we were able to exceed the expectations of one of our major global food brand customers, Weetabix Food Co, being the first to comply with new data-upload requirements in its SAP system.

One factor contributing to the award was the use of technologies to improve product traceability, production efficiency and achieving business growth. The use of Nulogy’s QCloud has led to a 50 percent reduction in time spent on quality checks and data preparation allowing the sharing of metrics with customers much more quickly and this was a decisive contributor to the award win.

The award was given at a ceremony in Chicago, Illinois, on May 8th and follows the award of the highest rating from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) certification last month.

“Between our AA certification from the BRC and now a prestigious international award it’s been a really terrific few weeks for us at Marsden Packaging” said owner Michael Briggs, “my congratulations go to all of our team here in Blackburn.”

“Nulogy is privileged to work with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking supply chain leaders, who are able to leverage our solutions to drive an even higher standard of order execution.” said Nulogy CEO Jason Tham. “It is my honor to recognize Marsden Packaging with the ‘Quality Excellence’ award for their outstanding achievements in quality control over the past year.”

We’ve also received praise from our clients, with Weetabix Co-Manufacturing Supplier Manager Sarah Rice-Smith noting “given the challenge to comply with our new data input requirements in 3 months, we were very impressed to see that Marsden Packaging was our first supplier to meet our requirements and amazingly did so in 1 week. Very well done”!


Here’s the full length version of the video above: find out how we’ve improved quality control processes, customer service and profitability by leveraging QCloud and PackManager.